North Dakota Fur Takers
Chapter of the Fur Takers of America

North Dakota Fur Takers Association is an organization of trappers and hunters, organized in 1969 to promote trapper and hunter involvement in furbearer management and market enhancement.

Dedicated To Protecting Trapping

and Hunting Rights.

North Dakota Fur Takers actively provides education to the general public on the methods and techniques, as well as the harvest or taking of fur and the management impact of these activities.






SB 2146 - Muskrat Trapping Season - Passed Senate 46-1, Failed House 24-66

The question being on the final passage of the bill, which has been read, and has committee
recommendation of DO NOT PASS, the roll was called and there were 24 YEAS, 66 NAYS,

YEAS: Amerman; Anderson, P.; Becker, Rick C.; Boschee; Brandenburg; Delmore; Delzer;
Guggisberg; Haak; Hofstad; Holman; Hunskor; Johnson, D.; Kelsh; Klein; Laning;
Mooney; Muscha; Oversen; Paur; Pollert; Schatz; Strinden; Wallman

NAYS: Anderson, B.; Anderson, D.; Beadle; Becker, Rich S.; Bellew; Boe; Boehning;
Brabandt; Carlson; Damschen; Devlin; Dockter; Dosch; Fehr; Froseth; Glassheim;
Hanson; Hatlestad; Headland; Hogan; Johnson, M.; Kading; Karls; Kasper; Keiser;
Kempenich; Kiefert; Klemin; Koppelman, B.; Koppelman, K.; Kreidt; Kretschmar;
Larson; Lefor; Looysen; Louser; Maragos; Martinson; Meier; Mitskog; Mock;
Monson; Nathe; Nelson, J.; Nelson, M.; Olson; Onstad; Owens; Porter; Ruby;
Sanford; Schmidt; Schneider; Schreiber Beck; Seibel; Silbernagel; Skarphol;
Steiner; Streyle; Sukut; Thoreson; Toman; Trottier; Vigesaa; Weisz; Zubke

ABSENT AND NOT VOTING: Frantsvog; Hawken; Rohr; Speaker Belter
Engrossed SB 2146 failed.

Hello fellow Fur Takers - Here are a few Dates of Interest.

NAFA - Fur Auction, March 27 - April 1, 2015 - LRD Jan. 19, 2014

Fur Harvesters - Fur Auction, June 3-4, 2015 - LRD April 12, 2015

FTA National Convention, June 25-27, 2015 - LaGrange, IN

National Trappers Association Convention, July 30 - Aug. 1, 2015- Hamburg, New York


Fur is a Natural Renewable Resource that is Eco-Friendly!




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National Convention

June 25-27, 2015

LaGrange, IN